SplitWire™ PTA Scoring Technology

  • .035” Dual Nitinol Wire Scoring Technology (.018” scoring wire /.014” balloon guidewire)
  • Dual wires fused proximal to distal tip
  • Triangular scoring segment provides focused pressure towards target lesion
  • Converts any conventional PTA balloon into a scoring balloon
  • Compatible with maximum rated burst pressure of any PTA balloon
  • May be used with any PTA balloon diameter and length
  • 100cm, 200cm and 300cm overall lengths
  • 4cm, 10cm and 30cm scoring lengths
  • Single use, disposable

SplitWire™ Product Information:

Balloon Guidewire
Lumen Compatibility
100cm 4cm, 10cm, 30cm .014, .018, .035
200cm 4cm, 10cm, 30cm .014, .018, .035
300cm 4cm, 10cm, 30cm .014, .018, .035

SplitWire™ is a trademark of Rex Medical, patents pending.

SplitWire™ DFU (PDF)

Product not commercially available