Procedural images courtesy of:

James F. Benenati, MD
Medical Director, Peripheral Vascular Laboratory
Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute


Retrievable Vena Cava Filter

  • Dual insertion (femoral/jugular) self-centering nitinol vena cava filter
  • Ultra-low profile 6.5Fr (O.D.) delivery system with color coded filter introduction cartridge
  • Permanent or retrievable option
  • Efficient clot capture
  • Precise placement
  • Unique filter apex design
  • Innovative retention anchor system
  • Non-thrombogenic
  • Caval diameter range (up to 30mm – U.S., up to 32 mm – OUS)

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Option Components Included:

Filter storage cartridge 1 ea
Vessel dilator 1 ea
Catheter sheath introducer 1 ea
Obturator/pusher 1 ea

Option DFU (PDF)

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